The goal of Innovate Collaborate Oregon is to promote interaction between Industry and Oregon research universities. The four premier Oregon research universities include Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. 

These Oregon universities collaborate with entrepreneurs, companies and the business community to ensure that ideas generated by faculty, students and staff reach the private sector to create products and services to benefit the global community. Innovate Collaborate Oregon will allow greater industry access to the latest advances in university research and enable the universities to generate resources to continue academic research. It also provides the public with an opportunity to learn more about world-class research in the State of Oregon. 

Oregon’s public research universities also collaborate on several other initiatives to Innovate Collaborate Oregon. These include the University Venture Development Fund, the Oregon Innovation Showcase and participation in Oregon’s Signature Research Centers (ONAMI, BEST, and OTRADI). Innovate Collaborate Oregon also incorporates a searchable technology portal allowing visitors to identify and learn more about promising discoveries and collaboration opportunities at Oregon’s universities. 

Feel free to Contact ICOregon for any further questions, concerns or inquiries. For inquiries related to a specific technology, please contact the respective academic institution.