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2009 Oregon Innovation Showcase:
The Science and Business of the Brain

Oregon’s four premier research universities, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon, will host the 2009 Oregon Innovation Showcase: The Science and Business of the Brain.

Date:               November 3, 2009
Time:              2:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Location:         World Trade Center: Portland, Oregon

UPDATE: Online Program Now Available

2009 Innovation Showcase presenters include:

Shawn Lockery, PhD, University of Oregon
"Caught in the Act: Neuronal Analysis of Behavior in the Nematode"

Dennis Bourdette, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
"Challenges and Opportunities in Biotechnology: Lessons from Developing New Therapies for MS"

Rik Lemoncello, PhD, Portland State University
"Assistive Technology for Brain Injury Survivors"

Joseph Beckman, PhD, Oregon State University
"New Insights into Lou Gehrig's Disease using Mass Spectrometry"

Opening Remarks by Oregon Attorney General John Kroger

Keynote Presentation:
"Music and Myelination: Strategies to Improve Brain Repair in Health and Disease"
Lawrence Sherman, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University

Company presenters include:

FEI Company: Ben Lich, Systems Biology Solutions Manager
"3D Electron Microscopy Requirements for Understanding Connectivity in Brain Tissue"

Electrical Geodesics, Inc.: Ann Bunnenberg, PhD, President      
"Breaking the Silos-Bringing Advanced Functional Imaging to the Sleep Market"

APDM, Inc.: Mateo Aboy, PhD, Exec. VP, CIPO, CFO
"Inertial Sensors for Monitoring Parkinson's Disease"

A poster session will highlight new discoveries, translational research opportunities, and technologies from the efforts of OHSU, PSU, UO, and OSU scientists.

Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served.Cost to register is $20.00.

Register here.

Sponsored by:  Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Moss Adams, LLP  Oregon Bioscience Association Bend Research, Inc.  Portland Business Journal


Featured Technology
CTIP2 Diagnostic Marker and Drug Screening Tool for Head and Neck Cancer
Drs. Mark Leid, Arup Indra, Gitali Indra and Joseph Abecassis at Oregon State University have invented a method to determine the expression of the transcriptional regulator CTIP2 in a tissue sample and proven that this provides an early stage diagnostic tool that may reduce the mortality rate associated with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma... .

Featured Technology
Organic and Biological Chemistry of Nitrated Lipids
Living organisms are continually challenged by highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). In many cases ROS and RNS are destructive, but in some cases their chemistry has been channeled into biologically useful purposes...