QuantiPort partners with patent equity fund, Ideaship, to provide physicians with objective blood volume information
July 10, 2019 — MarketsInsider
OHSU startup, QuantiPort announced it has received a seed investment from Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides patent development capital to early stage startups. The investment will support QuantiPort's patent portfolio development related to its disruptive rapid blood volume measurement technology. Learn more

GoCheck Kids nabs $6M for iPhone App that detects amblyopia in pre-verbal children
April 25, 2019 — HitConsultant
Used by over 4,500 pediatricians nationwide, GoCheck Kids is the first iPhone app registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to screen for correctable vision impairments in children under the age of six. GoCheck Kids, an invention created at OHSU, makes early screen affordable, reducing the cost by over 60 percent. The company has raised $6M in Series B funding led by FCA Venture PartnersLearn more.

OHSU doctors and scientists discover MS breakthrough
April 18, 2019 — kgw
A scientific breakthrough provides new hope for millions of people living with multiple sclerosis. The disease causes your immune system to attack the central nervous system, which damages the myelin, a protective sheath that covers nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Researchers at OHSU have developed a compound that stimulates the repair of myelin, which no medicines currently on the market could accomplish. Learn more.

Xoma acquires royalty rights to five hematology assets from Aronora, Inc.
April 8, 2019 — GlobeNewswire
XOMA Corporation (NASDAQ: XOMA) announced today it has agreed to acquire the rights to potential royalty payments and a portion of the potential milestone payments associated with five hematology assets from Aronora, Inc., an OHSU startup. Three of the assets are anti-thrombotic candidates that are covered by a collaboration with Bayer, a global leader in hematology therapeutics. Two of the collaboration assets are in early to mid-stages of development and the third is a Phase 2 candidate that is subject to an option. In addition, XOMA agreed to acquire the rights to potential royalty payments and a portion of the potential upfront and milestone payments associated with two unpartnered hematology programs from Aronora. Learn more.

OHSU startup MolecularMD is acquired by ICON
Feb. 21, 2019 — MolecularMD
MolecularMD Corporation, a  molecular diagnostic specialty laboratory that enables the development and commercialisation of precision medicines in oncology, announced today that it has been acquired by ICON plc (NASDAQ: ICLR).  MolecularMD’s extensive scientific and clinical biomarker experience expands ICON’s capabilities in molecular diagnostic testing and also adds expanded testing platforms, including next-generation sequencing and immunohistochemistry, to ICON’s laboratory service offering.  MolecularMD’s specialty central laboratory offering and associated client base extends ICON’s reach into the support of precision medicine programs across all phases of drug – diagnostic co-development. Learn more.

This Startup Aims To Help You Avoid Sunburn Like A Fish
Jan. 23, 2019 — Forbes.com
Gadusol Laboratories is developing a nontoxic sunscreen using gadusol, a substance that fish and other marine life use to avoid sunburn. The startup plans to scale up a production system this year, going from lab- to pilot-scale. To see the full article, click here.

Launching pad: Expansion boosts OSU incubator for high-tech startups
July 1, 2018 — Corvallis Gazette-Times
The Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute is primarily a research facility, but for the moment the people in lab coats may be outnumbered by the people in hard hats and safety vests. A major expansion is underway at ATAMI, an academic-industrial research center and business incubator run by Oregon State University and housed in an 80,000-square-foot building on the Corvallis campus of HP Inc.
For a list of ATAMI-related OSU technologies, click here.

Aronora's new blood clot treatment receives FDA Fast Track designation
Sept. 26, 2018 — PR Newswire
Aronora, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company created at OHSU, developing first-in-class treatments for life-threatening diseases, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track designation for proCase (E-WE thrombin, AB002), an enzyme that is intended to reverse blood clot formation without increa sing the risk of bleeding. Despite currently approved treatments, over one million people still die from blood clots every your in the U.S. To see the full article, click here.

Three researchers receive 2018 Biomedical Innovation Program drug discovery awards
Aug. 15, 2018 — OHSU Research News
Three drug discovery projects have been named recipients of the 2018 Biomedical Innovation Program awards. The awards provide funds, project management, and mentorship to facilitate the development of innovative technologies at OHSU and accelerate their translation to the marketplace. To see the full list of winners and their abstracts, click here

Murdock Trust announces record year of giving
July 5, 2018 — East Oregonian
The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust releases its 2017 annual report on grant awards; the OHSU Foundation received $475K for a magnetic resonance scanner and $59K for OmnEcoil, an OHSU startup developing a prostatic MR imaging and biopsy device. To see the full article, click here

New device from OHSU offers solution for ringing ears
July 4, 2018 — NBC Nightly News
The Levo System retrains the brain to ignore noise by recreating each patient's unique ringing sounds. A recent study reported improvement after three months. To see the full video, click here.

How a $600M jolt could get OHSU's promising AIDS vaccine to market
June 14, 2018 — Portland Business Journal
TomegaVax, which was formed to commercialize Dr. Louis Picker's novel HIV vaccine, struggled to gain traction with investors. Then Vir Biotechnology came along. To see the full article, click here

Inside OHSU's $20M quest to deliver the world's first permanent artificial heart to market
Feb. 28, 2018 — Portland Business Journal
OHSU is one of several cardiac research centers racing to get a total artificial heart to market. While its technology is lauded, a lack of funding could stall the effort. To see the full article, click here

Meet the inventor behind OHSU's permanent artificial heart
Feb. 28, 2018 — Portland Business Journal
Dr. Richard Wampler's newest heart technology could prove a boon both for the sickest patients and for the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute. To see the full article, click here

Innovators meet for the 2017 OHSU Commercialization Conference
Sept. 22, 2017 — OHSU Research News
More than 250 scientists and entrepreneurs gathered last week at the OHSU Commercialization Conference, now in its fifth year. The takeaways? Disruptive innovation in science follows years of research that is carefully framed to address specific problems; business engagement can help move scientific discoveries to the patient; and OHSU’s structure that locates research outside the five schools creates special opportunities for transdisciplinary research, training, and education. To see the full article, click here.  

OHSU scientists find possible roots of severe form of MS
Sept. 18, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
Progressive MS is more severe, yet there are fewer therapies. To see the full article, click here

OHSU Knight Cancer's Druker on how to go about innovation — and how not to
Sept. 14, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
The focus should be on solving a problem and patient outcomes, not innovation for its own sake, he told attendees of a conference today. To see the full article, click here

Portland biotech startup may have the remedy for blood clots
Sept. 7, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
Millions in grants, a key strategic alliance and a novel solution for a life-threatening problem have propelled Aronora drugs closer to the commercial market. To see the full article, click here.

What you need to know about the Oregon-born CRISPR gene-editing breakthrough
Aug. 2, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
News blasted around the world today that OHSU scientists successfully corrected mutated genes in human embryos for the first time. The breakthrough, published in the journal Nature, could have major implications for halting inherited diseases before they are passed down through the generations. But the method is also controversial, raising alarms about the potential for "designer babies." To see the full article, click here

OHSU scientists successfully repair genetic mutation in human embryos
Aug. 2, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
OHSU scientists confirmed a report leaked last week that they used a gene-editing technique to correct a mutation in a human embryo and prevent it from being passed to future generations. Using the gene-editing tool CRISPR, they targeted a mutation in nuclear DNA that causes a common genetic heart disease that can lead to sudden cardiac death and heart failure. To see the full article, click here

At OHSU, healthcare tech is a priority
June 8, 2017 — Innovosource
Oregon Health & Science University’s Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute Biomedical Innovation Program (BIP) takes an integrated approach to identifying, supporting, and accelerating the commercialization of new healthcare technologies. The BIP facilitates commercialization through direct project management, inventor education, and external feedback/advisory support. In addition they offer a suite of funding options to nurture promising translational research and proof of concept through the capital ‘valley of death”. To see the full article, click here.

OHSU's latest tech spinout? A dome-shaped data center
May 31, 2017 — Portland Business Journal
Oregon Health and Science University is known for spawning healthcare and biotech startups, but one of its latest spinouts is in a seemingly surprising field: data center design. A pair of Portland entrepreneurs have licensed technology from OHSU developed by Perry Gliessman, its former director of technology who created a new kind of data center that significantly decreases the amount of energy it consumes. Their startup, called Server Dome, hopes to sell more data centers based off the successful design of OHSU's "Data Dome," a geodesic dome-shaped data center hat has been operating for three years at the university's West Campus in Hillsboro. To see the full article, click here.

Researchers moving blood testing from the clinic to the home
April 11, 2017 — OHSU Research News
The device, called TouchSpot, uses dried blood spot sampling, a technique in which a small amount of blood from the finger or heel is drawn and then dried before analysis. In order to serve as an alternative to venipuncture, a precise amount of blood must be delivered to filter paper. Collecting a precise quantity of blood and preventing damage to the filter paper are primary challenges to developing a dried blood spot sampling device that can stand in for intravenously collected samples. To see the full article, click here

PSU's Northwest Economic Research Center Provides Portland Institutions A Glimpse into the Future
July 13, 2016 — Portland State University
The Regional Economic and Population Forecast presents information essential to the long-term development and sustainability plans of government agencies and anchor institutions throughout the metro region.

OHSU Startup Spotlight: Gobiquity Mobile Health, Inc. 
January 25, 2016 — Oregon Health & Science University
Of the 25 million children between the ages of six months and six years old, more than 15 percent show risk factors for amblyopia, the leading cause of visual impairment in children. In addition, only 20 percent of children receive proper vision screenings. Gobiquity Mobile Health, Inc., an OHSU startup company founded in 2010, specializes in prescribed mobile health diagnostics. Gobiquity is on a mission to end amblyopia through early screening and diagnosis. Its flagship technology, GoCheck Kids, is a smartphone application that provides specialty testing in primary care, turning a standard smartphone into an optical photo screening device. Read more...

OHSU Innovator Spotlight: Yali Jia, Ph.D.
October 19, 2015 — Oregon Health & Science University
Yali Jia, Ph.D., assistant professor of ophthalmology at OHSU's School of Medicine, has been making great strides to create breakthrough optical imaging technologies that may transform the way clinicians diagnose and care for patients. As a study investigator in Center for Ophthalmic Optics and Lasers (COOL) lab of Casey Eye Institute, Jia has spent the last several years helping develop the split-spectrum amplitude-decorrelation angiography (SSADA) algorithm, which is most efficient within current available optical coherence tomography (OCT) angiography methods, and allows physicians to map out the ocular circulation down to capillary level. Read more...

Inspiration, innovative technology helping Valliscor succeed
October 1, 2015 — Oregon State University
The idea seemed solid and the underlying research was sound. An OSU professor of chemistry and a private industrial chemist envisioned a company that could produce industrial chemicals with exceptional purity, using new technology they had created. In theory, it looked like it would work. But it’s a long way from a good idea and promising technology to a functional company – and into that breach stepped the OSU Research Office and later the OSU Advantage Accelerator. Valliscor was born. “I credit Dan Whitaker for being the catalyst for getting Valliscor started,” said Rich Carter, professor and chair of the OSU Department of Chemistry. Whitaker continues to help the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development mentor and develop new startups. “He gave a talk at a 2011 faculty meeting about how OSU can help get startups off the ground. I remember leaving that meeting thinking – ‘Wow, I think we could actually make this work!’” Read more...

OHSU Industry Spotlight: Welch Allyn Engineering Rounds
September 8, 2015 — Oregon Health & Science University 
The Welch Allyn-OHSU engineering rounds is a new platform at OHSU that allows medical equipment design engineers the chance to engage with doctors and patients. The long-term goal of this platform is to translate medical needs into focused innovations and eventually products. This platform was designed to allow both parties to utilize their respective expertise. OHSU offers the clinical expertise necessary to identify patient care problems and provide feedback on the practical applications of new innovations, while Welch Allyn offers the engineering expertise necessary to create physical solutions to the identified problems. Read more...

Stone Stable, Inc. 
July 1, 2015 — Portland State University
StoneStable, Inc., a Portland-based startup company, plans to use technology developed by PSU biology professor and virologist Ken Stedman to address the issue of vaccine wastage. According to a World Health Organization report, over fifty percent of all vaccines are wasted, mainly due to a lack of refrigeration. As biological products, vaccines must be transported at controlled temperatures. If at any time the “cold chain” between production and the final destination is broken, the vaccine quickly becomes ineffective. Yet in many parts of the world, particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries, keeping vaccines cold during transport is impractical, if not impossible. StoneStable believes the solution is to remove refrigeration from the equation. Read more...

OHSU Innovator Spotlight: Perry Gliessman
May 20, 2015 — Oregon Health & Science University
Perry is a truly futuristic thinker. He realized in 2009 that the existing OHSU data center was inefficient and the capacity was insufficient to meet OHSU's burgeoning computing and storage needs. Anticipating "big data" generated by the university, Perry designed the advanced Data Dome that can efficiently accommodate a diverse range of equipment with associated power requirements to meet the current and future needs of OHSU's healthcare, research, academic missions. The unique design of the new data center achieves some of the best efficiencies in the industry while using existing OHSU computing hardware in combination with new state-of-the-art equipment, contrary to the idea that many energy efficient data centers require all legacy hardware to be replaced with identical custom designed central processing units (CPUs). Read more...

Understanding the Total Employer Cost of Worker Compensation
May 4, 2015 — Portland State University
The Center for Public Service at Portland State University has developed software that the state of Oregon, cities, counties and other local governments are using to more accurately measure and manage their cost of personnel services. Read more...

New Book from University of Oregon details 'art' and 'craft' of grant writing
April 20, 2015 — University of Oregon
Successful grant writing is a process that can be learned, improved upon, and practiced successfully by just about anyone, argue the authors of Foundations of Grant Writing, a new book published by the University of Oregon. Designed for both potential and seasoned grant writers, the book grew out of a successful grant-writing module offered at the UO. It is now available for purchase on Amazon. Read more...

OHSU Startup Spotlight: Najit Technologies, Inc.
December 19, 2014 — Oregon Health & Science University
Najit Technologies, Inc., is a clinical stage startup company based on a platform vaccine technology developed at OHSU's West Campus. Najit's platform uses a novel, patented approach to inactivate viruses while still maintaining their key immunogenic structures. This technology is unique in comparison to other vaccine technologies because the inactivation method employed uses oxidation instead of alkylation or cross-linking by formaldahyde. Read more...