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Inspiration, innovative technology helping Valliscor succeed

The idea seemed solid and the underlying research was sound. An OSU professor of chemistry and a private industrial chemist envisioned a company that could produce industrial chemicals with exceptional purity, using new technology they had created. In theory, it looked like it would work.

But it’s a long way from a good idea and promising technology to a functional company – and into that breach stepped the OSU Research Office and later the OSU Advantage Accelerator. Valliscor was born.

“I credit Dan Whitaker for being the catalyst for getting Valliscor started,” said Rich Carter, professor and chair of the OSU Department of Chemistry. 

Whitaker continues to help the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development mentor and develop new startups. “He gave a talk at a 2011 faculty meeting about how OSU can help get startups off the ground. I remember leaving that meeting thinking – ‘Wow, I think we could actually make this work!’”


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Rich Carter & michael standen

Rich Carter & michael standen